Welcome gifts for onboarding

First Impressions Matter: Elevate Onboarding with Thoughtful Welcome Gifts

Welcome Gifts For New Employees

Like everything else in life, the workplace is no exception when it comes to the importance of making a good first impression. The onboarding procedure establishes the tone for a new hire’s whole relationship with the business. Giving meaningful welcome gifts to new hires is a great approach to help them feel valued and appreciated right away.

First Impressions Have Great Power

  • Lasting Influence- First impressions stick with us, shaping ongoing perceptions.
  • Rapid Assessment- We quickly judge based on appearance, demeanor, and behavior.
  • Confirmation Bias- We seek info that confirms our initial judgment.
  • Psychological Impact- Impressions evoke emotions, influencing attitudes and behaviors.
  • Halo Effect- Positive impressions lead to favorable assumptions about other traits.
  • Primacy Effect- Initial impressions carry more weight than subsequent information.

Moments after meeting someone new or having an unfamiliar experience, first impressions are established. During the onboarding process, the initial days and weeks can significantly impact an employee’s image of the organization and ultimately impact their decision to remain on staff. Positive onboarding experiences increase an employee’s likelihood of engagement, productivity, and company loyalty, according to research.

Reasons to Consider Thoughtful Welcome Gifts

  • Welcome gifts are essential for creating a positive first impression and fostering a sense of belonging among new hires.
  • Tailored to individual preferences, these gifts demonstrate the company’s appreciation for its employees.
  • Personalized welcome gifts showcase the company’s care for its employees, enhancing the onboarding experience.
  • Thoughtful gestures help new hires feel valued from the start, contributing to a memorable and enjoyable transition into the company.

10 Employee Welcome Gift Ideas: Here are some ideas for new hires

Corporate Gifts Supplier in UAE

Albure – Cork Mousepad with 15W Wireless Charger

Alburé Cork Mousepad with a built-in 15W fast wireless charger, an innovative product offered by a leading Corporate Gifts supplier in the UAE. This unique mousepad is crafted from natural cork, providing both durability and an eco-friendly touch to your workspace. Designed for convenience, it seamlessly integrates a fast wireless charger, allowing you to power up your devices quickly and efficiently while you work.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Takatak – 3-in-1 15W Wireless Charger with Power Bank and Bluetooth Speaker

The 3-in-1 15W Wireless Charger with Power Bank, a versatile and eco-friendly corporate gift option. Crafted with sustainability at its core, this innovative device is designed for responsible gifting practices. Seamlessly combining wireless charging capabilities with a power bank function, it offers convenience and functionality for tech-savvy recipients.

Colorful Portable Charger

Shumi A5 Recycled Notebook with Magsafe Wireless Power Bank, a perfect blend of sustainability and cutting-edge technology suitable for corporate gifting. Available in four vibrant colors, this A5 Recycled Notebook is designed with a focus on environmental responsibility, providing a platform to jot down ideas and notes in a classic style. Its integrated 3-in-1 Magsafe Power Bank offers a secure and reliable solution for charging devices of any operating system compatibility.

Corporate Gifts Hoodies

Enhance your corporate gifting selection with Fermoza Zipper Hoodies, an ideal choice for corporate apparel gifts. These hoodies are expertly crafted from premium fleece, guaranteeing superior warmth and comfort. The interior is carefully brushed for added coziness, while the exterior offers a soft and pleasant texture. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

Contempo Water Bottle: a luxurious and eco-conscious corporate gift tailored for those who prioritize sustainability. Constructed from recycled stainless steel, this double-walled vacuum insulated bottle is certified by RCS, guaranteeing its eco-friendliness. Comprising 83% recycled stainless steel, 2% cork, and 15% from iron alloy and PP materials, it underscores a commitment to sustainability. The leak-proof cork lid, complete with a convenient carry handle, adds functionality to its elegant design.

Eco-Friendly Ceramic Tumbler

Ripple Ceramic Tumbler with a Recycled Sleeve, a thoughtful and sustainable choice for corporate gifting that seamlessly blends style with eco-consciousness. This chic ceramic tumbler boasts a stylish design, while its recycled sleeve adds an eco-friendly touch. Ideal for corporate gifting purposes, it emphasizes sustainability and reusability, making it a responsible choice for the environment.

Sustainable RPET Laptop Bag

Bijug RPET Laptop Bag, a stylish and sustainable solution for your laptop-carrying needs, perfect for corporate gifting. Made from recycled PET bottles, this bag not only reduces waste but also makes a bold eco-conscious statement. With its durability and water-resistance, it ensures the safety and protection of your laptop. The spacious main compartment accommodates laptops up to 17 inches, while additional pockets are specifically designed for your accessories such as chargers, mice, and pens.

Corporate Gifts in Dubai

Mihag Laptop Backpack, a stylish and ideal corporate gift that embodies sophistication. Constructed from waterproof Oxford and PU materials, it provides reliable protection for your devices. Featuring a dedicated laptop sleeve capable of accommodating up to a 19-inch laptop, it ensures the safety of your tech essentials during commutes and journeys.

Corporate Giveaways A5 Recycled Notebook

Lobotom A5 Recycled Notebook with 2-in-1 Pen Set—a sustainable option for corporate giveaways. Crafted from recycled materials, this notebook seamlessly blends eco-consciousness with style, offering professionals a practical yet environmentally friendly solution. Its compact A5 size ensures portability, making it perfect for on-the-go note-taking and organization. The set also includes a 2-in-1 pen set featuring four color variations, enhancing convenience and versatility

High Tech Corporate Gifts in Dubai

Ilumio 15W Light Up 3-in-1 Wireless Charger—an ideal option for cutting-edge corporate gifts in Dubai. This innovative charger boasts a foldable 3-in-1 wireless charging station, engineered to simultaneously power phones, smartwatches, and earbuds. With a 15W wireless output and the possibility for a customizable light-up logo, it guarantees efficient and personalized charging experiences. Explore now!

Considerations for Crafting Welcome Gifts for New Employees

  • When it comes to corporate gifts, keep the following advice and factors in mind:
  • Make sure your gift arrives as soon as possible, ideally on the first day. If the new hire works remotely, make sure to send the welcome present ahead of time to guarantee prompt delivery.
  • Give welcoming presents to all new hires, including interns, to promote diversity. Anyone who engages in this behavior is less likely to feel rejected or excluded.
  • Examine the presentation and packaging carefully. Ensure that they are consistent with your brand and, if feasible, give priority to sustainability.
  • Start with more generic welcome gifts and, as you get to know the employee better, think about customizing subsequent gifts. During onboarding, ask newly hired staff members to complete an employee recognition survey where they can indicate their preferences for celebrations, gifts, dietary needs, and other details.

Offering a welcome gift or onboarding gifts to new employees is a common practice used by companies to warmly greet and commemorate their arrival. While gifting is just one component of comprehensive employee recognition, it serves as a simple yet impactful method to establish a positive impression from the outset. A well-thought-out gift connects with new employees on an emotional level and lays the groundwork for a successful start to their tenure.

Depending on whether new hires are working remotely or in-office, welcome gifts can either be arranged on their desk or delivered to their doorstep. These gifts may take the form of a comprehensive “welcome kit,” containing essential items like an employee handbook to facilitate their integration. Alternatively, gifts can be lighthearted and celebratory, designed to foster a sense of excitement and belonging.

Welcome gifts for new employees and corporate gifting with Chops

Corporate gifting is important and needs to be handled carefully. Luckily, our group of corporate gifting experts can assist you with anything from planning the ideal employee appreciation gifts to making sure it is delivered on schedule. Besides this, Chops can assist you in gifts for clients, brand personalization, virtual events, employee recognition, holiday gifting, and much more. You can focus on increasing employee engagement while we take care of all the logistics! You can find out more information here!

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