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Customized Corporate Gifts - Great Way To Showcase Your Brand

Boost the quality of your business with Chops’ range of customized corporate gifts, meticulously designed to reflect your brand’s values and leave a lasting impact.Our selection of gifts goes beyond the ordinary. Add a personal touch by customizing each item with your company logo, a special message, or the recipient’s name. Show your clients and employees that you value their individuality.Every gift is an opportunity to strengthen your brand presence. From branded office essentials to exclusive executive gifts, we offer a variety of customizable options for corporate gifting that seamlessly integrate with your corporate identity.Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility to create a gift that aligns perfectly with your vision.Our gifts are crafted with precision and attention to detail. We prioritize quality materials, ensuring that your custom gifts not only look impressive but also stand the test of time.

Check out our Customizable Options For Corporate Gifting

Akry – RPET Backpack

Backpack customized gift

Ideal for business gifting, the Akry RPET backpack is a chic and environmentally conscious urban companion. Made from repurposed PET, it’s an eco-friendly and fashionable option for your business gifts. It’s a useful and environmentally responsible corporate gift with a strong construction, adaptable colors, and a sleek design. It keeps necessities accessible and organized, making it perfect for social gatherings, city exploration, and everyday commutes. For a corporate gift that is both fashionable and sustainable, choose the RPET backpack.Buy Now.

Argentum – Crystal and Marble Trophy

Trophy customized gifts

A masterwork of personalized trophy gifts – Argentum Crystal and Marble Trophy. This magnificent award creates a distinguished sign of recognition by skillfully fusing the ageless elegance of marble with the sparkle of crystal. The Argentum Trophy is designed to be customized and is ideal for individuals who want to strike the ideal balance between style and personalization. Names, phrases, or logos may be artfully engraved on each piece to create a special and treasured keepsake. Perfect for celebrating important life events, anniversaries, or tokens of appreciation, the Argentum Crystal and Marble Trophy is a unique representation of outstanding acknowledgement. Buy Now.

Findi – Recycled 15W Wireless Charger Multi Cable Set

Wireless charger customized gift

Findi Multi Cable Set featuring a 15W wireless charger, embodying your commitment to sustainability and innovation. This versatile set is not only a tech-savvy choice with its 15W wireless charging capability but also a testament to eco-friendliness, being crafted from RCS-certified recycled ABS plastic. Practicality meets sophistication with additional features like an ejector pin and 3 SIM card slots, while the premium magnetic closure and stylish recycled kraft box enhance its overall appeal. The Findi Multi Cable Set is the perfect corporate gift, seamlessly blending sustainability and cutting-edge technology. Buy Now.

Jamal – Camel Plush

Camel plush customized gift

The adorable Jamal the Camel Plush is a pleasant addition to your collection of kid’s gifts and the ideal gift for kids. Finding something that appeals to the younger audience is crucial while looking for gifts for kids in Dubai. Jamal is a perfect gift for birthdays, special occasions, or just to brighten a child’s day because of its soft and cuddly qualities.For merchants and companies, Jamal the Camel Plush can improve your assortment of kid’s presents and provide a unique element that honors regional culture. This plush toy appeals to both locals and visitors since it is a symbol of the rich legacy that camels represent. Buy Now

Laato – RPET Golf Towel

Golf towel customized gift

Laato, a premium RPET golf towel crafted from recycled PET plastic, making it an excellent corporate gift choice in Dubai for golf enthusiasts. This top-quality towel is designed to enhance grip, whether for drying golf equipment or hands, ensuring effective shots on the course. Its RPET polyester composition underscores sustainability, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly practices in corporate gifting. With the added convenience of hanging on golf bags, Laato combines functionality and environmental consciousness, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for golf aficionados. Buy Now

Lakel – Magnetic Card Holder with Phone Stand

Magnetic phone stand customized gift

Lakel Magnetic Card Holder with Phone Stand, an ideal choice for Corporate Tech Gifts in 2024. This sleek wallet combines the functionality of a magnetic cardholder with a convenient phone stand. Designed with a slim profile for effortless pocket use, it magnetically attaches to iPhone 12/13/14/15 series and other phones with a magnetic ring. The dual phone stand feature accommodates both vertical and horizontal orientations, providing hands-free viewing. This accessory seamlessly blends practicality, securely holding cards, and versatility in optimizing phone positioning for a streamlined and sophisticated corporate gift option. Buy Now.

Plakat – RPET Messenger Bag

A testament to fashion, eco-friendliness, and corporate gifting appropriateness is the Plakat RPET Messenger Bag. It is an eco-friendly and stylish option because it is made from recycled RPET materials, which demonstrate a dedication to minimizing plastic waste. Because of its simple, elegant appearance, it may be used as a variety of accessories. It’s ideal for urban professionals and makes a great corporate gift for people who value sustainability and style. This messenger bag is ideal for business gifting because it has many sections for structured storage and toughness to endure daily demands. Choosing the Plakat RPET Messenger Bag will improve your look and have a favorable environmental impact while also sending a powerful message of sustainability through your corporate gifting initiatives. Buy Now.

Sirona – Recycled PU Tray Coasters

Tea coasters customized gifts

The eco-friendly yet fashionable Sirona Recycled PU Tray Coaster is offered by a corporate gifts company in Dubai. This collection of six coasters, which is FSC and RCS certified, includes a matching tray and has a simple yet utilitarian design. Its adaptable aesthetics go well with many different types of décor, and it’s a great, green gift option for customers and coworkers. Presenting a classy and environmentally smart business gift, it not only shields tables but also demonstrates your dedication to sustainability when wrapped in sustainable Craft paper. Buy Now.

SKROSS Travel – Ambassador Passport Wallet

Passport wallet customized gift

The Ambassador Passport Wallet from SKROSS Travel is a classy option for unique business gifts. Designed to enhance your trip experience, this travel wallet is crafted from high-quality imitation leather. In addition to safely storing your passport, the SKROSS RFID-safe Passport Wallet has useful features including six card slots, three SIM card slots, a zippered compartment, an easy-to-use pen loop, and a strong magnetic clasp. This passport wallet is as functional as it is fashionable, making sure that all of your travel needs are well-organized and at your fingertips. For one-of-a-kind business gifts that perfectly combine security, utility, and elegance in the Ambassador Passport Wallet, choose SKROSS. Buy Now

Taisho – 15W Light Up Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock

Alarm clock customized gift

One of the most innovative options for high-tech corporate gifts in Dubai is the Taisho 15W Light Up Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock. This multipurpose gadget offers a complete display of temperature and humidity levels together with a digital calendar and clock with an alarm. This charger also has a unique function that glows the logo for further uniqueness and branding opportunities. It is a two coil 15W wireless charger. Buy Now.

At Chops, we are fluent in the vocabulary of opulence, and our exclusive collection of customized corporate gifts attests to this expertise. Uplift your brand, make a bold statement, and redefine the essence of corporate generosity with gifts that surpass all expectations. Embark on a journey into the realm of luxury corporate gifting by making a distinctive choice – the choice to distinguish yourself, to express gratitude, and to bestow unparalleled elegance through custom-crafted presents.

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