Nerina – A5 Stone Paper Notebook

Nurture sustainability with Nerina, an A5 Stone Paper Notebook, a sustainable corporate gift that boasts 100% tree-free paper, making it an eco-friendly choice for conscious consumers.

  • The notebook’s pages are crafted by grinding stone into thin powder, comprising 80% limestone powder and 20% HDPE, ensuring a tree-free and environmentally responsible alternative.
  • With 64 sheets of 140gsm thickness, Nerina provides a luxurious feel to its paper, offering a premium writing experience that stands out.
  • Nerina takes eco-friendliness a step further by using zero water or bleach in its production process, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious product.
  • Frictionless and smooth writing with stone paper, adding a touch of innovation to your note-taking or creative expressions.
  • Ideal for corporate gifting, Nerina stands as a symbol of sustainability, making it a thoughtful and eco-conscious choice for companies that prioritize green initiatives.
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