Yoroko – Cork and Metal Key Holder

Elevate your brand with the Yoroko Cork and Metal Key Holder, the perfect choice for Promotional Gifts in 2024. Crafted from eco-friendly cork, sourced sustainably from cork oak trees without causing harm, this key holder showcases your commitment to environmental sustainability. The durability of cork, with its inherent water resistance and strength, ensures a long-lasting and visually appealing accessory for daily use.The unique texture and appearance of cork set these keychains apart, making them memorable promotional gifts. Lightweight and pleasant to the touch, they offer comfort without adding bulk to pockets or bags. With a generous 32mm key ring size, there’s ample space for branding, allowing businesses to imprint logos, slogans, or contact details for maximum visibility.Choose Yoroko for a promotional gift that combines style, sustainability, and practicality.

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