Riwat – Wheat Fiber Cup

Our star eco-friendly gifting item, the Riwat, is perfect for environment-conscious brands! Unleash the eco-warrior in you with our arsenal of biodegradable essentials—hydrate guilt-free with our 400ml wheat fibre beverage cup. The Riwat features an easy twist-open sipper lid for a hassle-free experience, while the anti-slip base keeps it steady wherever you go. Made from lightweight wheat fibre, the Riwat is a sustainable choice for people always on the go!

With a sleek size of 16cm(h) x 6.4cm (base) x 9.4cm (lid), this wheat fibre cup is compact and portable. Choose from powder blue or eco-green to complement your style. Join the modern eco-warrior movement and embrace sustainability with class. The Riwat allows ample space for branding.

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