Kafea – A5 Coffee Notebook and Pen Set

Introducing the Kafea A5 Coffee Notebook and Pen Set, a unique combination of sustainability and functionality that is one of the best corporate gifts for professionals.

  • The A5 notebook boasts a cover crafted from coffee fiber, with 192 pages of recycled paper in a rich coffee hue.
  • The pen set with it is a compliment, with a barrel made from 40% coffee fiber material.
  • The use of coffee fiber not only adds a distinctive touch but also underscores your commitment to sustainability, making it an eco-friendly corporate gift for environmentally conscious professionals.
  • The A5 Coffee Notebook and Pen Set is designed for practicality. The coffee-colored pages and the matching pen in the compact A5 size ensure portability for everyday use.
  • Elevate your corporate gifts with Chops’ Kafea set today.
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